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holy high fructose corn syrup!

ladies & jellybeans,

last week i attended the ALL CANDY EXPO, an enormous candy trade show at mccormick place in chicago. (6/14, 15, 16)

i got in because i freelance for a candy-novelty company in niles, il, where i make mock ups and prototype candy.

funny you should ask, because i did get a shot of a display from our booth with prototypes. seven "counter displays" in this picture were made by me and my co-worker, bob. the rest came from a factory in hong kong. can you tell the difference?

click the picture to see the mock ups exposed.


people don't always want their products or booths photographed and i didn't want to get shooed away, so i built a box for my camera out of cardstock and glued candy labels to it so it would look like i was carrying samples, which were being handed out like crazy.

the lens shot pictures out the hole in the center of the eyeball and i had no way to see what exactly i was taking, use the flash or any controls except on/off and take picture.(i have a canon s400)



small samples and tasters are given out all day every day, but at the end, nobody wants to cart home all their candy, so they give most of it away in unbelievable quantities. here is a shot of all the loot i brought home. (do you see my camera?)

my photos can't do justice to the hugeness of the show, although i'm told it was smaller than last year. there are a lot of booths and candies i remember that i didn't get shots of, including the awesome insect snack and candy booth, but i did get to bring home a cricket pop (see loot). the most common things i noticed were "sugar free" using the new sugar alcohols, and caffeinated "energy" candy.